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video Activist Handbook - Chapter 2 - Who's the media now?

**Who's the Media Now?** #

The internet, with its world of free blogs, social media, video accounts and live-streaming, has revolutionised how ordinary citizens can create media. The printed newsletter has mushroomed into a wealth of electronic means.

Contemporary vs traditional media - what's the difference?

Contemporary media is using different technologies from the traditional media (smartphones, social media...). Of course every tradiitonal journalist now has a twitter account, but some traditional media companies are turning their back on the digital world, locking thier content behind paywalls. Others are trying to work with it, but can't find the revenue streams to sustain themselves.

Contemporary media is working in a new timeframe (with the immediacy and accessibility of the Internet, but also there forever)

It is free (or it should be.....)

It is open to everybody (no school of journalism needed)

Its technology is cheap and everyday.

It makes traditional journalism and media increasingly irrelevant, and because of that it is seen as a threat.

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