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kick starting visionOtv into movement #

entrepreneurial and nimble culture its a about stoping a project that is going wrong and rebooting it. its about not being terrified about haveing a radical core mission. 

integrated versus fragmented becouse of the mess we are in altmedia the seams to be a need for a period of integration with the solid foundations of fragmention built in to the core.  this fine balancing is the hard part our project is about.  with out it's active binding the project will be pointless. this is the agrement and implementation we are currently lacking.

if we can get this we can move forward, if not spliting and seperation of small actavist and ngo projects is all we have.

Persional issues are alwase a disreaction as leaving a feasting mess for a year will poison any working relationships.  This is my summing up of were we are at, and how to move forward. 

ps. we have been working for 2 years to put the tech tools we need in place. we have done that with the 6.1 upgrade. as we start to use these tools we need to think through and record terms of service and editorial guidelines. this is both an essential foundation to build on and productive way to define what the project is and more importantly is not about. 

how can some one like marc come on board when the project to them is a visible fethdrome. you can see the results today.

  • serendipitous and fluid meeting spaces.  "everybody gets to participate in the sunlight. " this is what are cms is about. why actively streams and personal pages need to built then content pushed through this by aggregation. 
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