We need a really simple smart phone app#

This is

  • The app is only a rapper for a web page. All the app does is load a web page, nothing else.
  • The web page is hosted on our liferay site. All the content of the app is on the liferay site.
  • it is the HTML5 JW player for the channel with a basic HTML rapper adding a button bar at the bottom.

The user experience:

1) install app from markets (App Store, Android store..)

2) run app

3) load image for 3 seconds, logo and line of text

4) load page with JW player

5) play video (HTML5)

6) donate options flattr, paypal, Post to social media “share”, go to the full visionontv/channel site

We need the same app for android and I-phone.

TODO - Look at HTML 5 version of JW player and get it running on liferay site. - Chose a skin for JW player - Find an off the shelf app creator and hack the code to display a web-page - Change the app icon and title - Alpha test the app, get feedback from core crew - Beta test the app with a few real people as well as crew. - Get Richard to write description, Put the app in app stores - Publicize

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