This is a (temporary place) for all interesting links which can help our research (mostly 1st mentioned on Skype), feel free to copy paste these links in the brainstorm page you think they belong to.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar

My notes on it The Cathedral and the Bazaar

Occupy working on an alternative to Facebook posted by H: this is well worth a read - its utter crap - but its exacly were we are going. it uses the right tools - which nobody has implemented - were we plan to use the wrong tools which everyone has implemented. So the Q. for us can we make the current "wrong" tool RSS work. Hamish Campbell: well that pritty simple - more the Q is can we get anybody to do the work to make it work.

Role of social media in revolutions Gladwell vs. Shirky: A Year Later, Scoring the Debate Over Social-Media Revolutions

JWPlayer H: we need to use them to build our media player. M: tested the code on Blogger it says "plugin missing", need to do some research on alternative code. (I'll move this to the proper section)

Richard added H's tech links about the sys admin on the wiki:

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