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This wiki is our community space where we discuss, build and share the visionOntv project. Before setting up interviews we want to be sure you understand what visionOntv is about.

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This is simply to make sure you know our project and how to use our working system. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1- What is visionOntv? VisionOntv is online television network, which use internet platform for curating, creating and developing independent tv channels. One of main direction of visionOntv is to help to create interactive own media. The main inform tool are films, which cover topical events around the world and present point of view of media journalists.

2- Why are you interested in visionOntv? I’m currentlystuding visual communications. On this point visionOntv will give me a great opportunity to use my theoretical knowledge in practise. Iam interested in media media/tv journalism and would like to gain experience in new media production sphere.

3- What project would you like to work on and how? I am interested in media journalism, so I would love to work on the making news projects and also to get more experience in video production sphere – film making and editing. Like I understand, the main interest of company is to create a social media communications around the world. So my interest will be concern media resourses and news from east part of Europe (as I speak russion). I would happy to help build up interaction between your company and bloggers,journalists, internet channels from Eastern Europe. Looking forward to meet you, Regards Olga Lagun

--- Ram Adoor Vaitheeswaran

1) What is visionOntv?

- Is a platform that has been constantly working on to cause some positive social change. I feel personally there is a gap between activists and common people in means of sharing and detailing on information and exact happenings visiontv helps in bridging that gap. The platforms that we have usually in spreading out word of mouth or some movement for a social cause are mostly addressed from news channels perspective. But initialising a medium for the people by the people themselves is some thing I feel is so unique about visiontv.Social media most of the time is in the form of text but in case of visionOntv video format social media helps in reaching more lots of people even the uneducated people can be aware of the happenings and can be a part of some social change. And there are multiple views from which people are giving the freedom to choose the right one's which touch their feelings and idealogies and help in influencing more people which can eventually bringing in a great change.

2)Why are you intrested in visionOntv?

- I always had a great admiration towards film making and social media. But never thought of such a balance where I could see the advantages of these two sectors into a single emerged channel. Everything is social media and has a great underlying meaning in it. But here the people are so busy that they aren't able to get the gist in a concrete format and help in bringing a social change. I made a lot of documentaries but all of them run in film festivals where a limited set of audience alone get a chance to witness it , where as a platform like visionOntv every registered video will be floating around the social networking sphere and that gives a chance for people to know about new things , So that inspired me to join team visionOntv and help in creating some positivity and social chage .

3)What project would you like to work on and how?

- Film making and documentation has been my passion. I learnt social media from my univeristy and did a research on it for 6 months. Film making being my passion and everything I had documented many videos on social change and had interviewed a lot of people in acquiring their view points and concreting them into a structured view and presented them to the people. I would be happy if I get a chance to work in any of your project that works for the positive change on our society , If you ask me to choose one among your listed projects I would go for London SNR as it's a space where people when given proper views though visonOntv channel would be a great source of inspiration for the younger generation people the future of our society to build a constructive idealogy about the society and to choose the right path so that they can get beinfited and also can benifit others . ------------------------------------------------------------------- Valeria

1- What is visionOntv?

It is a DIY media distribution company with no profit. The projects issued are for big source such as internet, because can give the opportunity to the medium to create is own media, therefore a way of distribution of yourself.

2- Why are you intrested in visionOntv?

I am interested in visionOntv, because it has a DIY culture environment, which fit with the way how I deal with my life. I also believe that making your distribution of news can give me the possibility to expand my point of views to others, I see it as a sort of self hacking ideas about political and cultural issues that can be build together with others. I also like the company for the wide range of fields, such as video channels, film making, editing and online video.

3- What project would you like to work on and how?

As I said above I am well projected in the video production part of a company and I would love to gain more experience with the film making and editing fields of it.

I also would like to work with independent films projects and promos. I am also extremely interested in music. i would be happy to work in groups because it gives a wider and stronger point of view to the projects and is much fun too!!!

Those ones are my answer..hopefully I will get an answer back from you!! thanks Regards

Valeria --------------------------------------------------------------------- Stephen McConnell -smcconnell67

1- VisionOntv is an online television network which broadcasts user generated on the internet. It provides a platform through which citizens can provide their own perspective on news stories and campaign for social change. It strives to provide a counterweight to regular corporate media outlets and present an alternative view on current events. In providing links back to the source of its content, it is also a social network for social campaigners. Furthermore, by holding workshops across the country in which it encourages and teaches people how to create media, it is building an online community of ordinary citizens who are generating their own media.

2- Ever since I did a work placement at my local evening Telegraph in 2004 it has been my ambition to work in the media industry. VisionOntv is a fascinating new kind of media platform which would have been impossible ten years ago and is at the forefront of the ever changing digital media landscape. To help provide a voice to people who until recently would have been voiceless in that they would not have been able to find an outlet through which they could distribute their views to a mass audience would be something that I would find extremely rewarding.

3- I would like to work on the making news project by helping animate the workshop and teaching people how to make their own media. I have experience of a similar thanks to a year abroad in France working as an English Assistant. However, my main incentive to work on this project would be that I would find it rewarding to help provide ordinary citizens with a media outlet.

Adam James Alexander

Thank you for getting back to me, as you requested here are the questions with my answers underneath.

1- What is visionOntv?

VisionOnTv is a multi-dimensional digital video platform seeking to destabilise contemporary visions of how we understand what media should be. It functions by allowing its users to distribute there own content through an online television network. Ultimately providing a platform through which media can be created by the people for the people. A public sphere that aims to democratise, teach, and share a philosophy of open and free media content. That supplies societies with the necessary ingredients to make informed decisions and opinions over important matters. VisionOnTv is also responsible for giving people an education into the processes of making media content, via workshops which has led to a developed online community which shares ideas, opinions, and tech info. Redefining the visibility of the key issues within our everyday societies.

2- Why are you interested in visionOntv?

Through experience in a documentary distributor in brighton, as well as making my own films. One of which was put into an Olympic film competition by my university tutor in my second year at university. I have gained a great appreciation towards the art of film-making. However i have become bored with the one way directional lens and i believe that VisionOntv provides a different angle on how video production can be used for a certain purpose. This excites me and i want to be part of a very different kind of media one which will challenge the existing ideas and beliefs i have had around films and there uses.

3- What project would you like to work on and how?

I would be more than happy to work on many of the projects however i am most passionate about the 'save the internet' project'. My dissertation which gained a 2.1, was with reference to the Internet control and censorship and therefore i have gained a strong understanding of the issues already. So i feel i could enhance my understanding of this matter as well as help with its production based on a concrete opinion on the matter as well as significant levels of research and understanding already achieved.

kind regards Adam James Alexander

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To our internship candidates: Below this internship ad you'll find the information on how to apply.


Media / New Media intern

Part time, expenses paid Location: Hackney/Shoreditch/work from home

This internship will give you exposure to a whole range of experience in new media, including networking and implementing press strategies, video training, managing social media campaigns and video channels, editing online video news reports, and the possibility to learn many other new media skills.

Company profile

visionOntv is a video training project and independent Internet TV station. They organise free media workshops all around UK, teaching people how to be their own media. Crucially they are creating social media toolkits so that real communities of action can be built. They are the world’s largest resource of citizen video (more than 10000 films) and curate unique channels of content, such as Grassroots (UK citizen reports), PlugandPlay (the latest tech news and debate) and many others. Recently, they have been mentoring activists in Egypt and in other Arab spring countries to help them make their stories heard.


Working with the team to create an effective, time-phased press strategy Helping organise the PR campaign for our events, including the “Making News Roadshow” all around UK and in Japan Assisting the team during video reports, workshops, conferences, and studio shows Building relationships with journalists and media bloggers around our projects Updating / moderating our channels with videos from all around the world Monitoring relevant forms of media to find opportunities of coverage


Enthusiastic about alternative new media and working in a DIY culture environment, Knowledge of media industry, Flexible approach to work and ability to work on own initiative, Excellent administrative and organisational skills, Knowledge of MS Office and common web communications tools, A good, persuasive communicator, both verbally (in person and over the telephone) and in writing, Any experience in any of the following areas will be a plus: PR, social media, webdesign, film-making,

We are looking for someone who can commit to at least 2 days per week although we are open to negotiation,

To apply: If you wish to apply please send us your CV (info AT visionon dot tv) and follow the instructions below.


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