DRAFT (guys add / correct where needed)

Here is how to encode and upload easily your studio shows

for encoding we use this super easy small software AVIDEMUX http://avidemux.berlios.de/download.html (exist for mac and linux also)

Settings Then settings are super easy: select your video, then "video": select Mpeg4-avc "Sound": select: MP3 lame (or?) "Format": MP4 Then click save. The encoding takes 5 to 15min depending on your computer and the length/size of your video. Done!

As for upload: Go to www.tubemogul.com (ask us for the login/passw)

select "upload", select your encoded file (format should now be mp4) Then you should add tags: (e.g) bankofideas, occupylsx, grassroots (this channel tag sends the film automatically to the relevant votv channel), project and/or person interviewed, votv04 (that's our video template number for this show) + other tags you can think of.
Don't forget a cool title (think headlines) and a description of the video (who, why, what...) with links. In doubt look at other videos which are already posted.

Once the video is uploaded to tubemogul, go to "my videos" and it will be there, click on it, then "launch" which will automatically upload your video to Youtube and other video host website. Done

Check out 10min later on youtube if everything is fine. For rapid posting to the appropriate channel on votv, copy the youtube link and submit on the channel. (The show will come through automatically via the blip tag, but this takes a while!)

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