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How to promote a youtube channel#

Tanya is going to develop the relationship with the Youtube community and report here on the strategies she tried.

look at similar subscriber lists and add them as a friend subscriber/and message them.

democracy now realnews submedia Paul’s

  • click on there subscribers
  • are they interesting
  • if you think they would be interested in visionontv

friend them subscribe to them send them a message vier youtube mail to say hi and introduce our project with links

====6 Steps to Promote Viral Video====

Objective: to boost the number of people clicking on our most viewed videos and thereby increase ad revenues.

Interim aim: - to carry out targeted engagement around one video (initially) in order to observe/compare number of hits increased over a seven day period. - to use successful tactics and apply to another top four of our viral videos over second seven day period.

First video: 'How to live without money' Use four tactics simultaneously and monitor response 1. Try and aim for 6/7 comments a day. Observe which users have invested the most in their comments (have they begun a debate, have they posted repeatedly, are they making some kind of sense of just there to make offensive comments?). Reply to these users with a provocative question. e.g. If they are an environmentalist who is angered that this "rubbish dump" is considered "sustainable living", ask them what they would advocate for instead? Ask them whether sustainable living is the same thing as "living without money"? Is it possible to go completely "off the grid" in the modern UK? If they respond keep the conversation going and try to bring others into the debate.

2. On occasions where a good conversation is going, tweet some of the same questions out on the Grassroots Twitter account and cross-post for maximum audience. e.g. 'Interesting convo happening on our #video - Is it possible to live #sustainably without #money? Comment & have your say: Link'.

3. Cross-post same on other social media.

4. Write up a quick blog and use as an another opportunity to broadcast on social media. e.g We have recently been looking at what makes a video go viral on YouTube. As we dug back through our vids, we discovered that this video on x continues to get y number of hits a day two years after we posted! It intrigued us and got us thinking about why. Of course, the magic formula of the viral video has its own internal logic, and its not one that is often revealed to us...etc ...Comments range from the predictable abuse-hurling of trolls to some actually interesting debate. Suggests that some themes touch us all - how to live without money. Is it possible in today's world? Watch the vid and let us know if you have examples of initiatives globally that are promoting life without money in a way that is sustainable and harmonious with the broader community around it? Post your answers here or tweet them to @grassroots_tv and we'll re-tweet your answers.

5. Link to post and ask same question on Twitter. Say you'll re-tweet the answers.

6. Go to Storify and aggregate all the tweets you get back in one long stream of dialogue/story. Include any tweets you send out and most importantly, pull in the 'How to live without money' YouTube video at the top (give a brief explanation of the story). Then tweet the link and post to all those who originally engaged. Most people like to get the recognition and in doing so they will likely re-tweet this and get it shared even further. (see one I did for UNDP as example: http://storify.com/undp/empowering-people-tweet-by-tweet). Bear in mind this is a useful way to get other content seen to. You could pull in the related blog post and any other media too.

Finally, monitor hits each day and work out where most are coming from/are they going up. Did more people link across from the blog post or from Twitter? When was the peak activity? Write up learning and repeat the six stages for any other videos. You can variate the tactics, but at the bear minimum should aim for conversation & debate on YouTube and spread the word on social media (stages 1-3).

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