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What is visionOntv?

What is visionOntv?

visionOntv is a project funded by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust to promote the making and distributing of video for social change.

We give people the tools to make their own video news and get it seen by the widest possible audience.

We have created unique video news production templates which we have already taught in a dozen workshops for campaigners and activists.

The MAKING NEWS Roadshow

We now have grants from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust to run the "Making News Roadshow", a series of large-scale citizen TV reporter workshops in different locations around the UK. We are aiming to start the roadshow in Liverpool on 18/19 June. The programme is also international, starting in Japan in September.

Other things visionOntv does

We also produce our own shows to put the news in context, and gather together the best social change video from around the world.

We are supporting the creation of Citizen Video Journalist Networks in the UK and abroad.

As a member of visionOntv, you can build your own customised TV channel on your website or blog.

Typical Users of visionOntv

Citizen reporters - visionOntv is a training project for new video-makers and for the experienced with little time, so that they can make watchable, fast-turnaround news for a wide audience.

Experienced video producers - to get their films seen on the web and screened in real communities

Activists for social change - to use the content to inspire, network and build real alternatives.

youtube viewers - our social change videos are filtered for quality and subject so that interested viewers have an inspiring experience.

Partner groups - (trade unions, NGOs, charities, campaign groups, social movements) to gain a chosen and trusted flow of inspiring and informative video into their online resources, and to enable the training of their members.

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