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Websites for Headmix channel

3 Websites for video embed: http://www.culturecompass.co.uk http://blog.platformlondon.org http://artthreat.net

text On-line magazines: 1.http://londonsquared.net/ Magazine works with different kind of digital productions (films, animation, music video). We can embad some video from them.

Hamish: looks good for a source of films for headmix - have to ask permissions to use them (and this is an issue that they are not in a easy to use format) not shore if they would be interested in an embed but could ask.

2.http://www.aintitcool.com- animation online magazine. Can send some their current work, products to us. HARRY KNOWLES, HeadGeek harry @ aintitcool.com

hamish: hard to work out website, might be interested in embed

3.http://www.partizan.com online magazine. One department of which is films and video. Getting some new sources for our website. madeleine.sanderson@partizan.com - Executive Producer

hamish: think these might be to comersional, would have to find a non-comersal part of there site as an angal

4.http://www.culturecompass.co.uk/ - cultural magazine which covered lots of topics and events Loma-Ann Marks on editor@openmagazine.co.uk

hamish: try them, probably good to push the arty storie to them

5.http://www.theskinny.co.uk - alternative cultural on-line journal. A lot of information about music, movies, art. Rosamund West - editor rosamund@theskinny.co.uk

6.http://www.comelime.com - essential guide of cultural London. Sophia A Jackson on editor@gotmedialive.co.uk

7.http://www.culturemag.com.au - online magazine covered fashion, culture, education. We can propose them our embaded video Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher - editor isla@culturemag.com.au

8.http://www.artnotoil.org.uk- website which organize and cover art-social action

9.http://blog.platformlondon.org - website covers activism, art, education and research topics. Kevin Smith - blogger. http://twitter.com/#!/thatkevinsmith

10.http://artthreat.net website about art, protest, activism Rob Maguire - one of the author, who cover that topics rob@robmaguire.com. http://robmaguire.com

11.http://www.thefword.org.uk- feminist active organization. Contain lots of events. Kate Smurthwaite - one of the memeber. http://twitter.com/#!/Cruella1


13.http://www.tripfilm.com Tripfilm is a production company of global projects specialized in production services Leticia Mora - executive producer. lmora@tripfilm.com

14.http://www.web.net/lan/index.htm - London Activist Network Web site. activism-l@list.web.net

15.http://liveartcollectiveeast.com - website of the 13 artist who making art street performances Cheryl Pierce Artists’ Producer 020 7247 5102 Email : lace@artsadmin.co.uk

Filmmakers: 1.http://www.kellysears.com/- website of animator and filmmaker. Video production and collaboration. They can place video in our website ks@kellysears.com

2.http://smalltimeinc.com-animator artist Stephen James Irwen stephen@smalltimeinc.com

3.http://www.richardfenwick.com - video production studio. into@richardfenwick.com

4.http://www.edhartwell.co.uk/ - director, animator, filmmaker edhartwell@edhartwell.co.uk


6.http://www.francismorgan.com Frances Morgan- filmmaker, journalist

7.http://www.carriereichardt.co.uk Carrie Reichardt - artist, art activist http://twitter.com/#!/carriereichardt

8.http://www.ericascourti.com Erica Csourti - artist/ film-maker working mainly with digital media (social media interests) 07958 182 726 erica@ericascourti.com


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