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Website design ideas**#

The situation so far: we have a consensus around the black text on white (modern-style) look and feel, and humorous pencil cartoons for images. Colour is then provided by video players and photos, which stand out because of the black / grey / white of the rest. We also have a consensus to "smarten this up", with grey borders to web content, making the site look less someone had collaged it together randomly, without at all affecting the ease of actually doing that! Takako is working on those borders that currently, but needs to know how to do it globally for all web content, rather than piece by piece - in other words how to do it at root.

The exceptions to this design template are autonomous communities using the tools and creating their own webspace on the cms, eg the RMC or Merseyside Street Reporters Network, where they can have whatever design they like. They basically own their own space.

So these design proposals are for the main visionOntv pages.

1. We agree that the frontpage should say clearly what visionOntv is / does. We have boiled it down to two sentences, which I have found very helpful for answering that question!:

Make your own news, and get it seen.
Watch a film, and take action around it.

PROPOSAL - put this right at the top. (Currently only the first sentence is there, partly for space in the banner area, and partly because all the functionality for the second will not be there until some way into version 4.)

2. We need a latest news space, which updates with headlines from blog-posts etc

3. We need to show people the visionOntv WORKFLOW so that they can engage with it very simply, and so that the entire site is designed around this workflow.

PROPOSAL for how this might look:

FRONTPAGE: 5 buttons

Simple menus

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