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Visionontv brainstorm

OK this is our draft list of priorities#

Next meeting: Choosing an organising model Clean / rewrite the reboot wiki


This is a counter-intuitive approach. Top down strategy: Start with top media whoring which give us respectability in social media and credibility in Grassroots. (Proposal of H: Leap of faith, jumping when H says "it's time" - RH agrees: this is the necessary agility). Before reaching the media success we move our focus (90 per cent) towards the Grassroots and nurture it. Which will guarantee a rejuvenation of the project so we can take on this circle of visibility again. Summary: - We have a strategy for this which I'm happy with. - I'd like to see it solved by doing it - It's the more realistic strategy we have with any of our other issues.

Geek culture#

How do we get the geeks to follow our specs rather than coding whatever they want? Solutions: Offline events, mainly University tours (catch before they start their own projects). Additionally: Publishing ads of small tech missions (£10 each) to find the rights geeks and possibly recruit them. Summary: - We have a long term solution I'm happy with but short term is only problems - We can't put all our eggs on the same basket of the long term solution which may not work. Somewhere there are the people we looking for. - These solution really need definition and to bring more than only tech people to the core crew.

Core too small#

We have to raise the money for 5 core crew members. We still have to find a strategy to find self-exploiting people. Offline events are one solution. University tours need to happen: obstacle (video activist workshop advertised to geeks, not filmmakers) Summary: - We have a long term solution I'm happy with but short terms is only problems - Offline events in general (not only the University tours) are they way to go for promulgating the myth and recruit. - I don't have a strategy. At all. Because we need a short term strategy.

Update 14th Feb: We keep doing recruiting the visionOntv way, the ad hoc approach, but in Long term we'll organise Roadshows or Universtiy tours (needs funding and an organiser).

As the visibilty strategy starts to work, we'll have more people coming to us: We have to define the "walls" in place: - Are people contributors or users? - give someone a small project and see what happens

Stickiness of client server#

Our mission is to build a federated network of sticky nodes. It's fine to have this contradiction: we're centralising in order to decentralise by creating an exemplar node using open data / source / ... (to find the 3rd open word) defending / building the open web?. Summary: - This is to do with storytelling and is solved by passion - What is the one thing we do? We desperately need to choose to move forward. - We need a strategy to add nodes to our exemplar node.

Stupid individualism#

This is a synonym for capitalism (Marc says human nature) The reason of this happening again and again is that our society programs us to fail everything we want to build in cooperation.
Solutions: Path1: here are the set of rules, if you're agree to the rules you're part of the node (e.g. : Rss, interlinking)
Path2: Overarching myth - the rules manifests as stories (internalised and passed on)
Do research: http://www.jofreeman.com/joreen/tyranny.htm
For this project:
What we need:
We're missing spiritual belonging to the project:
There is an excitement about being part of a movement which gets you through the difficult journey. Finding that for an online media project is a challenge we have to crack.
An action verb (like Courchsurfing, Occupy) is essential for the project. Inside the myth
we'll nurture an invisible Grassroots brand. Summary: - The solution is stickiness which creates a sense of belonging. It's silly dance which creates a sense of safety. - We need the mythical action verb - Stickiness / myth will bring people, which will make the project real for us, leaving us no choice to move fast and efficiently.

Update 14th Feb:

Disagreement on this: We all agree is central but for some it's obvious. We do agree this project should change people's behaviour (obviously).

Decentralisation: If we wait for that to happen then it becomes impossible to implement as there will be a huge pressure not to decentralise later.

Raise the visibility of this issue: - task: DIY page, check the wiki page "working method" - Chapter / story in the handbook

Individualist film makers strategy: When is it going to be useful for the group? Prove it by publish something tomorrow. You can still put you name all over it.

What is no obvious is how new people are going to accept that.

The walls are essential to fight this problem: - Give someone a small task and see if they do it - We do not need film makers

Explaining On line our language: - Pointing to the stories - tag page ("contemporary media")

It could be useful for future core to learn our definitions if we want them to take part in the conversation

No core organising model#

http://visionon.tv/wiki/-/wiki/Main/Organising%20Models Summary: - We have to accept what works and make the hard choices which go with it. - It's more about the right methods than the right organisation model - Impossible to chose before deciding what we're going to do


Doing something about Invisible bombs and Invisible trip wire lead to real injures, maiming and hart. Spiritual sense of belonging +++ Produce Quality content Summary: - Having a large goal and having faith in it - Not afraid to be controversial. Making most of the damage this entails for positive outcomes - Being able to see the work you're working on.

Lifestylism - problem or solution#

We use myths to solve this - from a world of viewers to a world of producers. Summary: - embrace fuzzy thinking and keep a firm hand on the tiller - It's more solution than problems. A propagation of a lifestyle means the myth has taken roots. - The solution is to have the myth offering action and not a lounge for pot smokers.

Online is a post scarcity world#

Foundation funding
Hyper-local noticeboard, flattr, Summary: - Which is a good thing. I believe we can work with it. - The more we go with the flow of the lack of scarcity the more sustainable we may become. - We may have to search offline for a time before getting the online solution working.

Not too big to fail#

We pay up front for 10 years of server - kickstarter project. Summary: - This is a trick and a leap, let's go for it - We can fake this by saying we are big - We as big as we say we are

Not claiming the quality content as our own#

This is a confusing sell. Visibly promote other peoples' films on our portlet. Summary: - "Fuck yeah. Coming in to save the fuckin' day" - The solution is win win. Producers of content love us for claiming it. - The problem is nobody sees us claiming it: "Please sue me!"

Signal to noise ratio#

Multi-level aggregation solves this.Summary: - Sorted - We musn't be another group shouting over other groups - But we need other group to shout at us.



January 27th Reboot meeting

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Organising Models

The Geek problem

Massive Fundamental Problems


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