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There's quite a lot that nonprofits, activists, community workers and creative people can learn from corporate media and advertising in order to make a well-meaning video "go viral." Much of the advice on viral video is common sense. Follow these simple steps in order to promote your viral video:

include a link or preview of your viral video in all your emails;

find out where your supporters and communities of interest are;

learn about the social and ethical preferences of your viewers;

take part in relevant social media conversations and mention your viral video;

respond to popular and relevant videos with similar themes;

choose an eye-catching thumbnail - remember that this is what will show up in search results;

link to a popular event - and release your video to 'correspond' with news items;

use keywords from popular events to help people to 'stumble upon' your viral video;

post a personalized thought-provoking message on social media sites such as Disgracebook and Twitter;

deploys cryptic clues and questions rather than boring answers or responses;

become fiction friendly; your film is not tied living up to factual claims;

learn from advertising to tell a story and employ people's faces;

start to promote your viral video with a core group of strong connections who are more likely to re-post your viral video than 'weak links' who are only loosely connected;

remember that friends and followers who spend a lot of time on line are more likely to spread news about you viral video;

respected individuals with a large following (influencers) should be high on your promotion list.


11 Laws of viral video:

1. Law of Shortness. Most people switch off after 3 minutes. Brevity is the soul of wit. People want to watch something that they can get through while drinking a cup of tea or coffee. However, some of the longer running conspiracy theory or environmental films have reached a large and dedicated audience of millions and continue to maintain their relevance.

2. Law of Topicality. A spoof on the Olympics, a talent show final, or a major political event corresponds to what millions of people are talking about.

3. Law of Relevance. Does the topic of the video relate to a common hobby or human interest such as money, family, love, sex, success, sport, animals etc

4. Law of Usefulness. These are videos in the How to Category. How to sack your boss in 3 moves...and make a million dollars in three days ... while sleeping on a beach in Thailand.

5. Law of Parody, Humor and Laughter. We seldom watch preaching didactic films. Viral videos are a joyful entry into a carnivalesque universe. Bottoms up.

6. Law of Soundtrack. Humans find music appealing and catchy. A great soundtrack, or one that collides music and content effectively is a great asset in any viral video.

7. Law of Rhythm. I'm not just thinking dance here. Rhythm helps us remember and reinforces the message. I'm thinking pace, gears and acceleration for impact.

8. Law of Intrigue. Arouse curiosity. Don't give everything away in the first half of your film. Surprise endings are good. In monster and horror films you always see the track and the claw before the Thing Itself is revealed.

9. Law of Fabrication. Viral Videos can be works of art and fiction. You do not need to tell the truth or copy from reality, whatever that is. Life is constructed. Find that magic quality. Learn to be a Trickster

10. Law of Sincerity. This Law appears to contradict the Law of Fabrication. But even fiction needs to appear lifelike, or to resonate with human concerns. The notion that your film might have actually happened, or the idea that someone really cares, or that you have managed to show a true side of human nature - appeals to many viewers.

11. Law of Spontaneity. People like creative surprises and something that cuts through the tired cliches and boredom of everyday existence. Th eleventh Law is the most difficult to comprehend because it undermines the notion that there are defining rules, laws and conventions that will guarantee success. This law is perhaps the moment of inspiration and pure genius. It looks effortless, takes years to achieve, and is very elusive.

You will not find the Eleventh Law in a school, or in a blog. It is within you.

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