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Video Activist Handbook - Chapter 6

Forget Your Camera - the photo news report #

With this template you don't need a camera, and you don't even need to leave your home. All you need is a computer with internet.

You can use your own photos, but you can also make a story about any subject anywhere in the world, as long as there are creative commons pictures for it, or the photographers give you permssion.

BOX: What is creative commons?

+ Add explanation

Animoto is an automated animation programme. It is a commercial tool, but it is the best out there for citizen journalism, better than any of the open source tools, and it is open enough to be useful.

Top Tips: #

1. Practise with the 30-second free account first. Concentrate on boiling down your story to the essential.

2. Start simple! It's best to start by leaving out the voice-over, and using just the text graphics in the animoto software + music.

3. Don't use copyright pictures or music, because:

a) It's not nice - they belong to someone else.

b) It's illegal.

c) Corporate video hosts such as youtube will penalise you by slapping adverts on your film which you may not like, or restricting how you can distribute your report.

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