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Video Activist Handbook - Chapter 14

Get It Seen #

Promote your media #

Once your report is made, the big challenge is to get it seen. Here's a few things you should do before you set out.

Write a blogpost

Have a blog in which you publish your own news. Promote your story with an article before the news event. Embed your video channel in it.

Use social media

The biggest social media companies are currently facebook and twitter, so it's important to have busy accounts on these. Don't publish directly to facebook, but link out of it to your own webspace. Be independent of the social media monsters. Use them, don't be abused by them.

Use automated tools to publish on these accounts. See chapter 13 "Talk to Strangers" for more advice.

Don't wait

Speed is key in our 24 hours news cycle, so upload your media as soon as you can. Make sure at least that it's out the same day.

Be part of a team

When you're out on location, it's a big advantage to have someone at home to help you promote your media online.

How to publish video

TITLE - It's very important to have an eye-catching title. "How to live without money" will get a lot more views on youtube than "Land squatters create eco-village".

DESCRIPTION - Put the 5 Ws in here - Who, What , Where, hoW and Why. Assume your viewers don't know anything about it. Put in relevant links (draw people out of youtube to your own or other relevant resources). Make sure they are "valid links", with http:// at the beginning.

TAGGING - for videos and all media.

Metadata tags are one of the most valuable currencies of the web. One of the things they do is enable your work to appear more often and higher up in search engines

When you upload a video, make sure you add tags for the following:

place / subject / top twitter hashtags for the subject / producer's name / production company

For instance, the tags for the video in chapter 11 would be:

hackney london squat squatting homeless home resistance bailiff police #squatting richardhering visionontv

For both the description and the tags, use keywords from relevant popular events to help people to find your video by accident.

How to upload from your mobile

Uploading to youtube from a mobile device:

Iphones and Android phones: Select your video, click on "share", then "send via Youtube".

For older phones or if you don't have the "Youtube" option: Each youtube account as a specific email address that is used to send media directly from your phone. You'll find it in "My account" then "mobile setup", add the email address to your phone. Select the video, "share", "send by email", select the youtube contact and send.

If you can't get 3G, run a couple of streets away to get better reception. A wifi cafe is also a good alternative. Keep in mind that the more you wait to upload your video, the less audience you'll get (the 24/7 news cycle...).

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