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Video Activist Handbook -  Chapter 7

Edit this! - the Video News Report #

For this template you will need a video camera, and a lot more time to practise than with the other templates. It will take you 3 months to get fully up to speed, so that you can turn around a 3-minute report in a day. Don't take an hour's worth of video of an event when you have no time or ability to edit it. This template cuts away all of that, and teaches you how to shoot news which can be edited the same day. It boils down to the bare essentials what you need to shoot, so you don't get lost in a head-banging edit maze. If you want to learn the craft of video story-telling, this is the best place to start.

Top Tips: #

1. STICK TO THE TEMPLATE! It's so easy to shoot loads too much, and a real nightmare to edit it. Remember that you're making a very fast-turnaround news report, and stick to the 5 shots.

2. Treat your camera as a "Stills camera with a very long exposure". Don't move it at all during a shot (except for the arty shot). Miost video footage is ruined by random zooms and pans.

3. Note that the advice on interview questions is the same as for the "Walk the Talk" interview template, but here you can do a re-take if they go on too long. Keep it down to only 3 questions.

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