Version 3 changes

  • New theme for visionOntv and personal pages
  • Portals:

IP Geolocate Tag portal - users navigating content by tag

  • RSS in (we have done a spec)
  • Media Player (almost done)
  • We need to implement virtual hosting so that each of the separate projects can have their own domain - eg VANLondon project has url rather than

This needs a need front end on our server I think - look for link on liferay wiki/forum

  • We need the signup process to be a bit cleverer - it needs to work that you automatically join the community that you use the sign-up portlet in.
  • Problem of logos on community pages linking to visionOntv homepage. They should link to the logo's url. Is there anything which can be done about this?
  • Problem of Richard and Hamish always being at top of member's list, because of having always signed in most frequently - have a bit of code with a minus to take us out and put us, say, 10 places down
  • Need to set up publishing all over the site - so need to fix asset publisher and then actually do it. This needs planing so that the whole site is published by tags and configured asset publishers - first step is to do a paper structer with list of tags.
  • look at global scope so that all content is pooled across communities - liferay does this, but is not working
  • make shore the aggreagters are working, boxiy, I-tunes, miro etc.
  • need a new design for the front page with embedded channel media players
  • need a design for channel pages using asset publisher (might have to customize asset publisher to make this look right).
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