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Version 3 and 4 changes

What's the big idea for the version 3 and 4 re-design?**#

A proposal

Background: we know that visionOntv too diverse a project to market effectively at the moment, or even to describe. It's a huge basket of things, which do inter-relate, but can't just use visionOntv as a catch-all. When people ask me what votv is, I am stumped, because it's a bit of this and a bit of that. Or else I say just one part, usually the video aggregation, because that, along with the training, is the most developed part. Also, we need different people and groups to take real ownership of bits of the project, with their own logos, WITHOUT having to be part of some huge visionOntv umbrella. votv is then a technological backbone (we will later this year have superior tools to the rest out there).

All communities therefore should be hived off as separate projects - eg Radical Media Conference, Save the Internet, Climatechaos. This will mean redefining and possibly renaming them. Imagining this: RMC is a project of the organising groups (including visionOntv), Save the Internet needs a partner organisation like Open Rights Group, who take it and run as the their own, "powered by visionOntv" and in partnership (as we have quite a lot to say on the issue).

What is the visionOntv? is then answered by saying that it is a radical video production company (of studio shows and other contextualising content) and the biggest aggregator of high-quality radical media content on the planet!

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