Upgrades March 2011

1) We need to upgrade the server for the main site for the 26th. Already we have problems with parts of the site not loading. Am trying to find out if this can just be done by paying the cash and all con-fig moves over or we have to re-build the server - this is the urgent and important bit.

2) The test server is currently down as we got a new modem/wifi box. This just needs port forwarding I think - but don't have the info here to try it - and is also urgent (but in a secondary way) for two reasons:

a) We are running the RSS-in test code on it.

b) miro communities are changing to a pay model which restricts the number of videos they will aggregate - they don't have a date for the change over but when it happens all our channels are likely to stop working as they have way over the number of videos they are talking about.

Thus to save the day when miro becomes unusable - this is happening but don't know when - we need the RSS in working

Thus the test server is very important to deal with issues with RSS in so we can move it over to the production server.

3) It makes a lot of sense to run the RSS-in test code on the new version of liferay as we have to upgrade the production server to this (when it has been tested on the test server) One of the key bits of RSS-in and opensource media player phil has been working on is the asset-publisher in liferay this is bugged in the current version thus we aren't using it - it is fixed in the next version - thus the need to upgrade.

4) 26 March is very important as it's a very public test of our CMS and we CANNOT have it go down like happened at the last climatecamp.

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