Upgrade server from 6.0.x to 6.1.0

Thoughts on the upgrade process from 6.0.x to 6.1.0 #

The last attempted upgrade didn't go so well as there doesn't seem to be a rash of documentation for the Community Edition of Liferay to do this. Nonetheless, it is possible!

The steps seem to be, in order, as below.

1. Upgrade to 6.0.6 #

Based on the previous attempts, it seems that it is a prerequisite to upgrade from version 6.0.5 (the current version) to 6.0.6 before doing the upgrade to 6.1.0. This gives some different configuration, for example adding support for different type of Document Library hook, required by 6.1.0.

Upgrading to 6.0.6 is quite easy and can be done with the 6.0.5 database.

  1. Download and extract 6.0.6 somewhere, ideally /opt/liferay-6.0.6
  2. Download and extract 6.1.0 somewhere, ideally /opt/liferay-6.1.0
  3. Backup existing database
  4. Update <extracted 6.0.6>/tomcat-x/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/portal-ext.properties with the database and other settings from the same file under 6.0.5
  5. Copy the <liferay 6.0.5>/data directory contents to <extracted 6.0.6>/data (this target exists already and should be overwritten)
  6. Stop the 6.0.5 Tomcat - check that it is stopped by tailing catalina.out, checking process (ps -ef | grep tomcat), etc.
  7. Start the 6.0.6 Tomcat and tail catalina.out to make sure everything looks OK - this will run through and update the file structure and DB

Once this process is complete, verify that the upgrade has worked by going to the server and checking that content and assets are visible.

2. Upgrade to 6.1.0 #

Once the server is up and running on 6.0.6, it's time to take it offline again to upgrade to 6.1.0:

  1. Back up the database again
  2. Stop Tomcat
  3. Run the SQL scripts from the Liferay downloads site on the DB. These seem to work better if run in chunks from one "commit" to the next.
  4. Update <extracted 6.1.0>/tomcat-x/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/portal-ext.properties with the database and other settings from the same file under 6.0.6
  5. Back up the <extracted 6.1.0>/data directory and overwrite it with the one from 6.0.6
  6. Start the 6.1.0 Tomcat again and tail catalina.out - this will kick off a lengthy upgrade process
  7. Once the upgrade process has completed, check the running server for content and assets (e.g. images, stylesheets, etc. - movies may not count as these link externally)

I think the previous attempt failed because I let the upgrade process from 6.0.6 to 6.1.0 start without dropping the old data directory structure in first - the upgrade process from 6.0.6 to 6.1.0 does something to the document library file structure and moves things around, so the correct files must be in place to begin with or it will bail.

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