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Training video trailer


List of footage needed for the trailer:


Hopefully Hamish will find some of these images on blip.tv or tapes and we'll build a great trailer around that. I know some of the stuff on this list is too specific but it gives the general idea of what's needed.


Note: We don't have time now but during the course in Liverpool we could shoot this specific promo as a trailer for future roadshows:

We follow a cool participant (a non-geekie young woman) doing the workshop: discovering the tech, working with people/templates on her news/story, filming it then having her story screened a projector, then shared on the website and more generally out in the world. Basically a concrete example of what to expect on every steps of the course (lets add this specific task to the roadshow plan).


Back to the list:


It's open to beginner!

So we need a non nerd looking person (aka: a woman!) having fun filming. Would be great if we could have one young (non hippie) woman learning, working, filming stuff. With several shots of her we could have a narrative.


It's a tour:

So we need to see the votv crew packing gear and moving around, and generally any moving shots with you or cool people (bus, cars, boats, jet planes...)


It's a serious workshop!

We shouldn't look amateur-ish, so images of: tech, studio shows with laptops and multiples cameras, projectors, with you teaching looking pro in cool venues. Also image of people following templates (it's a well organised course)


OK to get all these you need to goto blip.tv source and dowenload the orgional file


for laptop studio http://vodpod.com/watch/4994193-fireside-chat-where-next-for-open-media?u=visionontv&c=visionontv


me filming a demo about 3ed the way through http://vodpod.com/watch/4326102-when-push-comes-to-shove?u=visionontv&c=visionontv

richard doing an interview http://vodpod.com/watch/4290690-rbos?u=visionontv&c=visionontv

studio interview http://vodpod.com/watch/3418407-1000-children-imprisoned-in-uk?u=visionontv&c=visionontv

this has some workshop video in it but not shore how good http://vodpod.com/watch/3399564-visionontvs-long-live-the-media-weekend?u=visionontv&c=visionontv

intro to this might be usefull http://vodpod.com/watch/3399109-offline-tv-show-04-diy-guide-to-using-solar-panels-for-your-laptop-or-ipod?u=visionontv&c=visionontv

anuther studio show with some good background shots http://vodpod.com/watch/3399109-offline-tv-show-04-diy-guide-to-using-solar-panels-for-your-laptop-or-ipod?u=visionontv&c=visionontv



It's supposed to look fun as well: Happy, laughing and cool looking people.


It will be broadcasted: People need to know something will come out of it. So images of screenings, projectors, screen record of their video on the grassroots channel going full screen.


It's about community: people meeting and networking at various events and screenings, people helping each other, becoming a crew during an event.


It's for sharing (social media): Let's not use screencaps of twitter or facebook here, but we need to give the sense they're going to publish, share, discuss, chat their videos on their social media networks. So we could use alternative open social media networks (like Diaspora or similar website).


It's about simple technology: phones and small camcorder (2010's tech). We should insist it's not a workshop with heavy camera but about tools they already have (images of people with small gear)



ok that's it for now, add your ideas here. Off course we don't need all of that, let's bare in mind it's a very short trailer so I'll only need a few seconds of some this stuff.




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