To do RMC



Sort out embeds

Email Jessica Azulay and Kayte re: ABCs of Journalism

Email all participants? did other email go through?

Email speakers about TV studio.

Add to outcomes

Write to Monbiot.


Outcomes on leaflets - printed:

Talk to the world
longer presentation, submedia and Monbiot, and booking process
Grab an embed (need poster)
and something else

visionontv studio
we need to send out to speakers and chase them up
build a timetable
finalise crew

Save the internet
need ideas to kick this campaign off
ORG has existing campaigns

Radical media database
Get our interns to go through this and add content
can be part of the embed space outreach

We need to add a lot of content here
we then need to print this out onto leaflets

Need a list of magazines with links - taken from radical media database

Create your own media
This goes to templates and to IMC

link to my forum post

Radical media projects database and video embeds (we need all our embed pages finished)

Campaign to save the internet
see above

Join a union so media workers can organise
. Asked Donnacha to do this page - needs chasing

Print production templates

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