To do 17-21Oct

Receipts etc to Peace News

RMC uploads

Japan publishing / publicity strategy:

Already posted: studio shows in English x 2 from Ishinomaki (Peace Boat workers)

What does Richard have?

1. The nuclear "disaster tour" - conventional video, needs editing. (easy job - top and tail)

2. Studio shows from the nuclear area and from worst-hit town Ishinomaki. + video i/vs in English from Ishinomaki (easy to edit)

3. Great pics of pop-up studio at water's edge.

Need some translators. Ask for a London group.

Tuesday 25 October - do Japan stuff.

Mozilla tech proposal 4-6 November

Work with geeks beforehand - testing studio show - each of us coordinate one day - plan a stall - mobile phone workshop? / embeds.

Decide what we are going to do at Mozilla.

Contactcon are we doing anything?

Stuff for board meeting - deadline 21 October.


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