Rentacoder specs

We run a non-profit website that carries thousands of user-generated videos. The site uses the liferay Portal CMS version 6.1 ( Currently we link to the raw video files with a flash player front-end but would like to use a HTML5 player (relying on flash only as a fallback).

This player will cue the video content via a rss feed to create a looping 'channel' of all the elements in the RSS feed.

Here is an example feed:

The project requires:

  • an opensocial/google gadget that carries the HTML5 JW player
  • It should include the “share this” and “analytics” JW player add-ons and
  • When installed it needs a user interface to add an RSS feed.
  • Testing: it needs to be installed and demonstrated working correctly in our live Liferay site. It needs also to work with google's openSocial API.
  • We'll use a free github account for the project, and the code for the portlet will be released under GPL with your contact details attached if you like.
  • The video player should be configured to play-on-click for the first video in the RSS list, and then auto-play each video in the list thereafter. When the list is exhausted, the player should loop back to the beginning.
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