Criteria for the selection of films into our aggregating channels are here: Editorial guidelines

For VOTV core members, quality is what the producer is happy with.

In terms of video citizen journalism, the above would be disastrous, because the novice producer can never be happy. It's really important here to emphasise that the quality has only to be "good enough". This maybe makes a chapter in the Citizen Journalism Handbook - 'Why "good enough" is good enough'. (I would add "what is "good enough"? RH)
The project here is to saturate the "airwaves" with coherent alternative news which tells a story. It would be a problem if it looked like the BBC.

On the other hand, is saturating the airwaves a good idea? Is this "everyone shouting over everyone" (what did Dave Winer actually say? RH)

Such video might be raw material for a studio show.

- for this we need a studio. - we need separate pages for studio shows. Priority for this is an Occupy page.

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