Project Definition

visionOntv is a contemporary media project, not a traditional media project = New vocabulary

H: this text would work better without the word "visionontv" on it.
R: Don't quite get this. How should the text be then? and just change it? (it's a wiki) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

visionOntv works with "the people formerly known as the audience" = New vocabulary
_people formerly known as the audience are now the crap producers
+ they could become better producers?
redefine journalism and then......
Throwing the net wide - getting a happy community rather than great films, and then cherry-picking the effective people
_ we don't have a convincing strategy to get active users yet
So we need "hippy magic dust" sprinkled - can't say hippy until we have enough status
Need a "visionOntv myth" - the contemporary media myth
Lateral thinking rather linear thinking
Our project is too rational to get active users
+ we really want to do this


We want a a world of citizen TV reporters

+ we want this to happen, and have the tools to do it
_ we don't have the clout to make it happen (added by RH)
+ the Citizen Media Handbook helps
_ individualism cuts it down
_ nobody is interested?
Your film has no value on its own. Have to change the concept of the value of people's work - it's a brick in a wall

There are other projects such as Witness and
We need a federated network. How could we achieve that?
_ NGOs are our worst enemies, says Hamish

University tour to build believers.


Are we a video project at all?
Not a traditional one, but a contemporary one?
+ Live-edit studio
+ No-edit production
_ No, we are a social proejct for the creation and maintaining of communities.

Are we instead an Open Media Project, with video only as a shop window?

But video encourages passivity.

Single login with badges makes us an identity provider and a trust provider.
_facebook is that
+ we have the badge profiling system
So our single most important role is the provision of trusted identity
_ makes us negative - an anti-facebook project, competing with facebook

What is our one tool?


VOTV is the technological backbone of an Open Media Network
+ a shared database of media projects which grows them and us. Technically this is already implemented, what we need is the social outreach
_ can we raise any money for something which sounds nebulous?
_ we have no ownership
+ we dont need ownership, because we have people's attention, and we can sell that through user-generated hyper-local advertising
We have some scepticism about the timeframe.

In general,
"What is innovative is not sustainable, and what is sustainable is not innovative".

Are we a technological project? We need to have a workflow where we make a mock-up ourselves badly.
_ Is it feasible to do that?
+ We have to do it differently, whatever we do, because we have 100% failure on this.


VOTV is a set of portlets, not a portal?
+ Making ladles into the data cauldron, not separate soup bowls.
Change this terminology to "federated network".
_ Damages VOTV's capacity to build a (branded) NGO.


VOTV is the "twitter of video". _ What does this mean? Means the "publish once and appear in loads of places" tool has to be sexy.

VOTV is NOT a radical media project?

But, VOTV does social change work, not social work.


VOTV is a DIY project, and is a knowledge base to that end.
i.e. a collection of resources


VOTV is horizontal, and has a "no bureaucracy" policy.


VOTV is a trust network
Just like couchsurfing - set up a meeting if you like, you don't have to ask.
Couchsurfing as a visible myth. It's a tool, a directory, a resource page. You're not a member you're a couchsurfer. Ideally that's where we'd love to go. We need a name for the action we deliver. Need a new term for this - then we can be an identity provider -
Spin it off as separate project or projects - visionOntv is only a host then.


VOTV is scalable

_ Trust Network and Scalability are incompatible?
+ couchsurfing has 2 million members!
+ Solution might be gamification (leads to acknowledgement of value)
We've got 2 scalability: one of community (users), the 2nd is of organising (centralised group). Find missing text or link: Another solution would be use of the Open Source model (organising), where the VOTV "king" has total control, so as not to use it


VOTV is about communities _ Tiny (tiny don't scales well into big communities)
+ Sparks that start a fire?


VOTV is building the new professionalism?
Sustainability via Flattr in medium-term, and hyper-local advertising in long-term. 20th was the century of professionalism, 21th is going to be the century of amateurs. New professionalism: fewer of professionals and part time jobs, and less likely to be glamorous.

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