New publishing

New publishing paradigm #

Independent publishing and hosting via and wikinews.

Publish to the Open Media Network via publishing to visionOntv

User story.....

No writing code from scratch! (is our slogan)

The whole thing will work by media API's and RSS02. It will be built on top of liferay. The coding and scripting will be about glueing different existing services together. 

- Get oneload pro account – publish via media RSS and this pushes content to corporate sites.

- Get API publishing working to This provides hosting for source files and torrent seeding

- From publish via media RSS to torrent trackers to take torrents out of

- Publish to wikicommons/wikinews via atompub – this is a 3rd hosting site and media distribution via wikinews.

We could use: - pro account - publish by media rss - completely escape the corporate media - publish once on our website to and wikinews.

The user experience is to publish to visionontv and get the video on their site as an OMP embed via tags.

Of course they don’t have to publish on our site as we can aggregate in their youtube or vimeo – and have the option to pass it out to and wikinews via the same infrastructure.  (Q. So why would anyone publish to visionOntv? A. this is not for documentary film makers but for CJs who are coming to this new. Their working site would not be youtube but their site on votv).

This is all done with standard APIs.

We partner with different groups to promote different sources – then see what works... each of the sources can auto publish to twitter and FB to simulely see what people wont to use.

This is a project to present as part of springofcode – and other meetups. 

(Need web developers who can programme. Where do we find them? (All the meetup groups in London.

AND we need engineers to do patches and bug-fixes.)

An example on drupal

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