Media player development documentation

Please put here all documentation of the media player development:

The overall plan for the player:

We need to display a playlist to the right of the media player (not overlaid, but separate).

We need to test blip, miro and asset publisher as RSS feed sources.

Initially we will use blip and miro, but the final project will use asset publisher - a Portlet in liferay.

So we can break this down into two stages:

STAGE 1: 1. Test an rss feed from blip, eg:;topic_name=grassroots 2. Test a feed from miro, eg:

STAGE 2 3. Test a feed from asset publisher - here's the wiki:



Think the might be a problem with bandwidth as it loads all the images in the sidebar when the media player loads - what is the bandwith/memory hit? This might course slow performance on low speck computers and slow Internet connections?

  • is this a problem?
  • should/can we we restrict the video items to say 10?

We need player with out side bar for some sites. OK this is done

We might need a player with the play list under neath for some sites? STILL need this as we have some thin sites such as

The black background is very hevery perhaps we need to choice another template - what do people think?

OK big problem we are breaking the creative commons license by not linking back to the source - possible idea add a HTML bar on embed code with link to channel and CC statement?

xhtml should be valid.

The player needs to play every video in the play-list one after each other - at the moment it stops and you have to click the next button to play each video.

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