Massive Fundamental Problems

The massive fundamental problems for our growth are:

1. Geek Culture how do we deal with it? - huge problem

2. Visibility, and visionOntv's lack of it:
Alternative media is shrivelled
Corporate media isn't interested in us
Social media excludes us

3. "Stupid individualism"

4. No success on the net for P2P projects.
Stickiness of client-server relationships.
We want to be both a knowledge base, and a database (network)
Portal or portlet?
Solution? We are building an exemplar hub of a network for distribution.

5. We are not yet too big to fail.

6. No core organising model.

7. Lack of happiness.

8. Core is too small (need two more).


2. Alt media is completely infertile.
We therefore have to gain corporate media by marketing our people and projects, and thereby gain access to social media and respect with the alternative media Media pundits
(This means we have to keep our FB)

Prioritise the corporate media strategy and create a structure for this happening.
Needs: a contacts list, and a weekly meeting to keep the contacts going.
Events on calendar, and promote the calendar, which leads to offline contacts.

How do we get the good offline connections we have online? (Online is not social enough)
Means following offline contacts into the online.
How do we bring them into the core?
Can't do this yet?

VOTV should be a project of fun events and parties?
Social secretary needed?

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