Marketing plan

Marketing strategy#



We've printed a new visionOntv leaflet for the Rebellious Media Conference where we had a visionOntv stall. Visitors discovered our site and got info about the project. Because of this and the online RMC site we had dozens of people signing up to the visionOntv website. We've printed a new business card for each of us (including Marc and Kayte). We are updating the video templates online and will print the new ones.

Schedule templates: December


We're going to start regular screenings in London, showing a selection of the best citizen media films. Venues need to be confirm: Passing Clouds, Hackspace, Open the Gate are obvious choices. Screening will be advertised on social media sites and local community in Hackney/Dalston with posters/flyers/ads. We'll sell our merchandising at these events and try to recruit people for the Street Reporters Network, also invite journalists to these screenings.

Schedule: February (depending on interns)

Flyer and Sticker campaign#

(see below “QR sticker campaign)



We created different twitter accounts for our various projects (e.g: “Hackthemedia”, Street Reporters Network). Each bring visitors to visionOntv by promoting specific tags and themes. Furthermore our 3 interns now manage each a channel and have the charge of updating their respective twitter channel's account.


Hamish has found a system to automatically promote the video we upload on our Facebook page. We're looking into new RSS apps to simplify this for each core crew member. We also have a community of “followers” who regularly click and share our links. The Merseyside Street Reporters Network use Facebook to promote and expand their group.

Videos hosts status Youtube We have now nearly 900 videos and 700 000 views. We are in discussion with Youtube to get a better partner account. We set up the advertising on more popular and oldest videos through revenue from this will be minimal.


It is our favourite video host as they have less traffic and better quality content. Only downside is that their server takes hours to update our videos on visionOntv.


We have an educational account and have trained dozens of people how to make these creative slideshows in the past 4 months. For each visionOntv project we have a slideshow promo available through our Animoto account (Liverpool, Japan, RMC). We'll soon have videos for our studio show and conference service.

Schedule for new animotos: 3rd week of January

PR Project strategy#

Report Making News Roadshow in Liverpool#

3 of us worked part time on the PR for this event (our local fixer in Merseyside, Marc in London, plus Kayte for Radio). We printed flyers and posters, displayed them in most students and unions places. We contacted every unions student and had 3 partners, including NUJ. Online the event was everywhere: local culture blogs and sites, city event website, forums...

From the workshop, a citizen journalist community was created: they filmed more than 65 films and regularly meet to organise video training and screening. They have their own youtube and twitter account and use their channel (MSRN) on visionOntv.

Our Facebook and twitter based grown from this and we have built relationship with a lot of filmmakers in the area. Sara Newton, one of our participants talked about the MSRN group at the Rebellious Media Conference. Since Liverpool, we have lots of requests of people asking to participate to our next workshop or general video training.

For next events we want to start the PR process a lot earlier, which means getting the press releases and event page ready to have something to show to journalists. Additionally we will get a specific person to work on the PR (like a PR intern).

Schedule for finding PR person Mid December

Plans for PR#

From RMC, the Liverpool and Japan roadshows and other event coverage we have an online growing reputation that we still need to materialise into mainstream media articles. In that respect we are pushing our 2 main actions: the studio show technology and Making News Roadshow training.

Hamish & Richard: Media pundits#

We'll continue to promote the image of H & R as media commentators, as it was done recently when Hamish was invited on SKY NEWS (19th Oct). It could actually be a small but regular source of income as we charged them £150 for this appearance.

A series of measures are to be done in that respect: - get pictures of us as a working / professional team on the site, and promote the “visionOntv team” image on each pages. - update the illustrations/drawings - regular blog posts on current media issues: Richard and Hamish are already publishing regular blog posts, Hamish at least one a week.

QR code strategy / sticker campaign#

QR stands for Quick Response, they can be read quickly by the camera of a mobile phone and are used to transfer a piece of information (usually a weblink) to a phone.

We are going to use our QR on different formats. The code launches the site link on your smartphone then goes on our landing page. This page will display visionOntv project description, donate buttons, embed info, a video player.

We can print those in different colours, adding a logo or a tagline In the future we'll add them on the business cards design for better networking.

To use on merchandising (T-shirt, Booklet, Flyers, visionOntv laptops...)

Schedule: December


We're pushing strongly for each radical project to share their link whenever possible. We have direct link to friend projects on our frontpage and aim to get more linking of visionOntv on their sites.

Schedule: early January


Citizen Media Handbook

Based on the Activist Media Handbook published years ago, we want to create a booklet describing how people can create their own media. It will include our video templates, illustrations by Hoon, an updated Press list and general articles on journalist skills and how to get more involved in citizen media. The booklet will also used as a press kit to introduce journalists to visionOntv and our project. It will be available as an ebook and as a printed version for £5 or £10, depending on printing cost. Since it's Citizen Journalism, it can be seen as an education manual and we could get a special funding for the project.

Schedule: End of December

Other merchandising: T-shirt, QR sticker, DVDs (schedule depends on costs and crew available in coming months)

Site design#


We want to update drawings on the site adapted to a more actual look of activists and campaigners (like UKUncut). Schedule for new drawings and updates of templates: Mid December

Web design

Slideshow: we will add slideshows navigation, making the site more attractive and also removing some options and menus to facilitate the site experience.

Forum: With so many new communities, we have lots of active forums threads, often cumulative but never on the main visionOntv forum. It's fine for the meetings/events threads but we have to redirect (or link) the technical questions to the main forum

Schedule slideshow: Mid November Schedule: Unify technical forums in February

Press list#

Update press list (Marc has created a recent list + contacts from R & H). It also needs to be done for the “Citizen Media Handbook” press contacts page. Schedule: Mid December (same as booklet)


Paypal Flattr

(see Sustainability plan for details)


New embed player

We're going to modify the actual embed code in order to add a “visionOntv” bar under it. It will display the donate buttons, a visionOntv landing page (embed codes info, website info, and the channel player), additionally we're looking into an extra button allowing people to change the channel directly.

Promoting embeds:

We had the Adhocracy festival hosting our channel during their event. The Mozilla Festival is going to promote our embed on their blog. Our interns are contacting websites to get more people to embed our channels.

Schedule new embed: December


We have since September 3 interns that we've trained and are working with 2 days a week minimum at Hackspace, for a length of 3 months minimum. Some of them might want to get more involved in the project and will eventually get wages if they work on projects which get funding. For December we'll find interns for specific tasks: librarians (permissions), website design.

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