Make Media 26March

Make your media independent on March 26!

On what will be the biggest public protest since February 2003, don't just re-tweet the BBC. There are a wide range of radical media projects covering the protest, all working together to amplify the message from the streets. Let's fill the media space with thousands of voices, and make the corporate media not only unreliable, but irrelevant!

Here are some things you can do before next Saturday:

1) Make your website or blog into a media destination:

Embed a channel of the best anti-cuts / direct action video .

Embed the live-updating timeline in your blog or site.

2) Make your own media. Learn how to make your own rapid-turnaround video reports:

Print out the templates for easy reference on the day!

Join the London Video Activist Network - /

3) Drop in to the London Video Activist Media Centre at University of London Union (ULU), Malet Street, WC1E 7HY any time from 8.30am to 10pm-ish.

On the day, stay tuned to these independent media projects, and get involved: - on the day, text your news updates direct to the indymedia website by calling 07943 103736

Call direct if you have important news: 07929 469640 (when/who/what/where)

After the demo, upload your report, using the "link to other media" option. - Tea Time is Over! Don't get kettled. Learn how to stay safe, informed and mobile on March 26th. 104.4 FM - live radio all day. - Call 020 3239 4569 with your audio report. All relevant recordings will be streamed on-air. - organising info hub for March 26th.

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