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Proposal for London screening at passing cloud #


Reclaim Power - 15min In the summer of 2006, 600 people set up a Camp for Climate Action in the shadow of one of the biggest C02 emitters in Europe: Drax coal-fired power station in Yorkshire / UK. With over one hundred workshops on a wide range of topics, the 10 day camp was a space of collective learning, sustainable living and taking direct action on the root causes of climate change. The gathering that showed practical low energy solutions in action, culminated in a day of protest and mass direct action in an attempt to shut down Drax.


ben pushing the police out


What did the cops confiscate from you? 3 mins

visionOn.tv chat show about the day of mass action to shut down Kingsnorth power station. We talk to 3 of the people involved in the action who tell their stories. From boats to fence jumping.


studio show?


over the bridge catapults

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