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Report Liferay meet-up#

20 participants attended the London Liferay user group meetup hosted at C4CC, an interesting meeting venue for collaborative projects.

We we're lucky to have members from 4 different groups joining us: the Spring of Code, the London Java Community, the London Sofware Craftmanship Community as well as the Liferay User Group. We had an introduction of the LSCC and LJC by Sandro and of the Liferay group by Phil.

After a quick presentation of the philosophy behind the different meetup groups and projects, we decided to get everyone to buddy up on bug-fixing on a live Liferay website. It was a great way to enable people to work together and get the SpringofCode site up and running. This is a open project to make tools to help the global occupy movement to make the world a better place. You'll find on the bug-swatting page the list of bugs which we work on and still need to be looked at (and fixed!).


  • CSS

2 members specially worked on the CSS, Santosh giving great tips to Takako on how to customize themes in the Liferay.

  • Geo-Locate

One group looked at and tried to configure the LR Geo-Locate community portlet which puts all members on a map based on their IP addresses, which is a great way to build a community by seeing who's around you and get coders to work together online and offline.

  • Mailing list

Phil, who is a regular Liferay user showed to other developers the issue he has with using the forum as a mailing list. It is key to the Spring of Code project to get this working as it will allow all members to be kept in loop and to be able to follow the latest activity on the site.

For the list of all annoying remaining little bugs, visit our bug-swatting page.

Next meeting

 We have our next meet-up already scheduled for the 4th of of June 6.30PM at C4CC so save the date in your calendar right now!

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