January 27th Reboot meeting

Organising the core Recognizing that we have to do a task and then give ourselves the means to do the it time. Deadline are not the solution for every task, we have to schedule team meatings for some tasks to make sure they get done.

History In order to seduce the gate keepers we need to show something. We need to curate our own history. We should go back in our projects and create a page about each thing that we've done. Raising the history of visionontv should be a priority.

Definition Hack the Media meaning: - Hacking the media (write a book) - Hacking up (criticise): weekly show - Technology: creating the next tools

Weekly show They can be funded, not as production project but as education and training (bringing people in the production process).

We are an orverarching structure: Every movement starts from scratch, we need to pass the knowledge. Build a structured memory of movements, pick up the skillset, throw out the bad tools and pass on a nice shiny tookit.

Assess the benefits and problems of social tools It's another database which contains (social) media sites, reviewing the quality

Outcomes Get the maximum outcomes from the minimum work, like a NGO. So let's do simple and symbolic things.

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