Ideas for website

Feedback from people indicates strongly that visionOntv as project is too diverse to have a strong profile (see the difficulty we have describing it to anyone!). This makes the current single website very confusing. A website should do one thing only!

visionOntv is really three strongly-related but separate projects:

1. video production / distribution - call it VISIONONTV (Hamish has a mock-up of the frontpage of this -

Things which don't work yet:

The activity bar

RH proposal: have a front page with one video window, the activity bar, and a description

2. video citizen journalism training - call it? -

Now we have for funders etc

3. "hacking the media" - a project which provides tools and resources for media content producers to "become their own geeks" and has geeks making those tools for independent use by content creators. - call it HACK THE MEDIA

Street reporter website has a version 1.

1. Plan for visionOntv website

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