Meetings to plan art shows

Popular stuff from a radical, critical point of view - new films

Broad definition of art

What else is out there, media-wise

Interesting galleries / spaces around London that no one knows about - kind of discovery programme

Collaboration with Space Studios

Vox pops?

Kids - effective crap-cutters

What about asking local youth to give their impression

Discussion about vox-pops in general.......

Newsnight review-style (allows Shama to be objective!)

Hidden London

Alternative lifestyle history

Interesting places in London

Audience? Activism art - tribunals - interns

6th March - tribunal - Precarious Workers' Brigade - rehearsal -

24th March

E:vent gallery

Lux / Secret Cinema listings

What is art tourism?


Popular film.....

What's in it for contributors? Free tickets to gigs and stuff +

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