How to upload and tag your videos

How to upload from your mobile

Via youtube: - For Iphones and Android phones: Select your video, click on "share", then "send via Youtube".

- For older phones or if you don't have the "Youtube" option: Each youtube account as a specific email address that is used to send directly media from your phone. You'll find it in "My account" then "mobile setup", add the email address to your phone. Select the video, "share", "send by email", select the youtube contact and send.

If you can't get 3G, run a couple streets to get better reception. A wifi cafe is also a good alternative. Keep in mind that the more you wait to upload your video, the less audience you'll get (24/7 news cycle...).

How to add tags to your video

Really essential: take the time to add title and tags otherwise nobody will look at it! 1000's of videos are uploaded each seconde on Youtube, the only way for people to find them are the tags. e.g N30, OccupyLondon, demo2011, Occupylsx...

Add a catchy title (think tabloid headlines), a description (what happened where and why, also insert a website link where people can get more info).


On social media:

Facebook: advertise your video link on your wall, groups and send us your video links (info AT

Twitter: Tweet the link, message your contacts, use "hashtags" (for example #N30, #Occupylondon...), in doubt have a look at other people's tweets.

You can also submit your videos directly to our Grassroots channel here: and click "submit a video"

If you need help on how to record a good mobile phone video report follow our template here:

Please don't forget to upload your media as soon as possible

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