How to storify

Log in with visionontv's twitter account

Open the story

When selecting tweets, unclick retweet.

Search reliable twitter feeds (eg from visionontv's tweetdeck) as well as the hashtags of the day (eg #N30)

Always select the source tweet, not a retweet

Never select the corporate media, except to criticise them. In these cases, always add a critical comment underneath the post.

Mix in plenty of images and prioritise video.

Always inform tweeters that you have used their tweet with a personalised, non-spammy tweet, but DO NOT link to the storify page, but send them to visionOntv's own page of the story. In other words, never send the storify template for messaging tweeters.

On the day, prioritise:

1. Eye-witness accounts
2. Humour
3. Grassroots accounts rather than mainstream journalists.

The next day or the day after, add the most exciting paragraphs from blogposts in the right place in your timeline, plus more crafted video which has arrived. Add journalistically illuminating and opinionated comments under relevant posts. tell the bloggers and video makers that you have used their material.

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