Listing the decisions we have to make:

Geek Culture Do we postpone this until we can do it properly? Do we get down back in the trenches and make the trenches work? Or are there other creative solutions?

We want to get out of the trenches but we don't have the tech and the people to get out: new player and RSS in. (Trenches is where you build the fundations) We do need a functioning technological project before convincing tech to come aboard. We can't ask for tech funding without achieving a tech functionality + having a tech founder (credibility + practicality). Once we escape the trenches we should never go back in.

University tours: We need lots of thoughts before starting this and find the write up about the University tour which should be in the BaseCamp account. Possibly: speed dating for media resources. Publicize to science target 1st. We need top down from professors, we have to convince them to participate to the process. NTFC + Potters: University tours (humanities and techies need each other) CP snow (article education is failing because no crossover with humanities and science): gamification / dating. The tours would recruit geek and other core crew people.

We need definition of principles. The example of occupy sites: Occupy network is a fractured structure of sites using a variety of corporate tools which don't speak to others, and open source ones which suffer from same problems. Getting around centralising decentralising, not come up as NGO talk. We need a list of tech used on occupy sites.

What comes out of the University: we have to approach like a cult, we need a summer camp where people attend, get to know each other and resolve problems.

Other solutions: - We're also pushing meanwhile traditional offline solutions: networking, talks (pundit strategy), possibly workshops. And online: rent-a-coder solution. - Building the mythology: Joining the myth community. We need a reputation before anybody listen to us in a university. Action verb: people self as define as "media hackers" or whatever action verb we choose. We need a HackTheMedia manifesto.

Part of the myth/punditry is to build the visionOntv history: - Create pages with talk, content, people, using the past experience to use as punditry until History: we can do a video talk on each page. Using our past experience as punditry until we get University tours. - Rewrite timeline of votv history page: start from now 2012 and go backward. Add an asset publisher Proposal: - Each of us writing at least 2 tag pages of history per week (it's important to choose the wiki page with the right URL related tag)

Core too small There is no way of getting core funding for 5 people with the current project.

See University tours brief above.

We need to be building from now for the University Tour to happen the way it needs to happen.

No core organising model +We need decisions on focus and vision before choosing that. We need to organise the task by cooperation, everybody participate in the task.

Marc proposal: Working by cooperation: 2 days a week, 1 in Dalston, 1 elsewhere (probably HS for now). When somebody realise a task hasn't been done, it's his responsability to remind other and to bring it to the attention of the others during these 2 days. Ideally try to get consensus to schedule when the task will be worked on. Systematise the Monday scrum and week schedule.

What is the one thing we do? Make the choice one of our priority. R: Are we a tech project? Maybe we should choose something we already planned. Should we use corporate tools?

Focus / vision problem?

We have to look at why radical media doesn't work?

Studio shows: We need to have gear to make people take charge of the event. Not to do it ourselves.

R: The key priorities are the hard things to do. We need to do how to actually get those done.

Disagreement of analysis Something can't said to be have failed when in fact it hasn't been tried properly.

Our link should say what we do. The functionality should be obvious. Proposal: Let's push the media expert strategy by having a tool on the frontpage (Open social gadget, polls, survey...) A kind of "Ask the pundit site".Turn ourselves into the kings (Gamification). A weekly date with your pundit

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