What do VOTV workers need to be happy?

Meaningful projects

Work with / network with / interview interesting people

  • for that we need to play the game and more networking, a class of people with access/ us we need to connect with, mainstream events. The roundabout crowd.

Monthly competition videos Fits with gamification

Learn new skills
(Solution: liberation through having an office manager) We have to finish project and that learn new skills. M: no good enough, might have to propose something more

Produce quality content
(Definition of quality content is when we as producers are happy with it)

Access to cultural events
_ small audience
_ too much work?
+ we can incentivize people through access to cool events

  • we need to be on all invite lists and PR people. > do review Press night / cinema / opera...

Fake division culture site through Headmix or new London specific channel.

Creative activism / practical utopias
_ some crazies in this field

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