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This book is for everyone who wants to become a contemporary journalist. Today there is no more passive reading, listening or watching of the news. We comment, tweet, blog, re-mix, and make video responses. We live in a world of plenty, where the traditional media gate-keepers were born in scarcity. We are in a world of transition where the "people formerly known as the audience", which means all of us, are becoming the producers.

The book invites you to be a dynamic part of this citizen media revolution. Here you can learn how to produce your own rapid-turnaround and high-quality video news, using only the tools in your pocket. And you can learn the story-telling skills you need to compete for eyeballs with the traditional media.

Almost everyone has the tools: smart phone, digital stills camera, or just an internet connection.

You'll find here clear and easy templates for video news reports which can be made by absolute beginners, or by people with skills but little time.

The book also shows you how to shoot your message through the gates of the traditional media, the media born of the printing press and the cathode ray tube.

Contemporary media is a flow. Don't stand alone. Join the crew!

- Don't stand alone (defines who you are) This book brings you in contemporary flow

- Give you the skills: it's a easy to understand templates diluting year of experience into bullet points. take you through 5 key steps from the tools

- contemporary media isn't just on line


Chapterise the handbook, adding the missing chapers, changing names of actual one possibly. Write an outline of what the book is about Writing the introduction

then: add this missing chapters as boxes add the templates Send funding applications publish on line this version of the book

Make a cartoon cover and new templates.


Citizen Media Handbook - Introduction


Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 1 - Time to Hack the Media

Time to hack the media #

(Using the media) Chapter1You are the media - Be the media What's wrong with the mainstream. why should do your own media? what's different from corporate CJ (beware of the trap)? You're not a CJ you are a contemporary journalist. You can write the "story" now, write it for everybody.

Why the templates are essential?

What's news (need to be defined) What's the story? And what isn't? How do you tell it? Applies equally to all the templates.


Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 2 - Who's the media now?

Who's the media now? #

Definition of Contemporary media / traditional media

Making news is hard A story for whom? Tension between CJ / hyper-local Hyper-local should always be made for every next door neighbour of the world. Tension between looking for stories

To introduce the templates and the rational if they don't use the templates they will fail.


Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 3 - Don't Stand Alone -  Am thinking we should move this one to later on in the book....

Don't stand alone #

Contemporary media is a flow (brick, flow, media life)


Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 3 - What Makes News?

What makes news? #

Intro to the templates #


Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 4 - Shoot and Go

Shoot and Go #

mobile phone report #


Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 5 - Walk the Talk

Walk the Talk #

mobile phone interview #


Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 6 - Forget your camera!

Forget your camera! #

photo report #


Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 7 - Edit this!

Edit this! #

video report #

Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 8 - Go Live

Go Live! #


Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 9 - Write it right

Write it right #

How to use words to tell stories #


Get it seen #

Tag and promote the media #

chapter 8.5.1

Make a date #

Organise a screening #

screening need a template

Talk about creative commons

How to do contemporary media?



Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 3 - Don't Stand Alone -  Am thinking we should move this one to later on in the book....

Don't stand alone #

Contemporary media is a flow (brick, flow, media life)

chapter 8.6

Talk to strangers #

How to use social media#

(corporate media) ===


Go traditional #

How to deal with journalists #

Press release, follow up...

Template for pic upload (next version)


Think global, act hyperlocal #

Don't forget the paper #

chapter13 There is no chapter 13!

chapter14 moved to 8.5 / 8.6


Resources / list #


Conclusion #

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