Scalability - have to upgrade the server infrastructure across a number of computers or VMs. Currently we seem to have a memory leak. scalability_notes

Need GUI for production server so less technical people can do server admin

Link from top logo - needs to be changeable

CSS changes to remove child pages links from top menu on RMC template

virtual hosting - we need to be able to host different domains

Look at friendly URLs to improve the URL look

needs doing#

slider find and fix liferay

Maps (geo-locate)

announcement portlet needs to be set to e-mail by default

need to make a forum category view portlet

finish media player portlet

universal subtitles in votv and JW player

members page - need to add one

configure e-mail liferay - wording of sign up e-mail

permissions - give poweruser abilerty to add catagorys to fourms

change language files

add flattr throughout the site

look at global scope

would be nice#

User pages

Organising tags and catorgories

change login to capture user profile data

sign up needs to be cleverer - auto join the communerty the sign up is in

torrent everything

video uploading portlet to youtube and archive

mobile phone journo app based on templates

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