The visionOntv software challenge

Calling all programmers….. VisionOntv is developing open source tools for everybody to use and we need your help! Do you have the extraordinary skills required to think within the boxes, rather than creating new ones? visionOntv needs you to take existing apps and stitch them together in really simple ways. If you can do this, you could have the warm, fuzzy feeling of being part of replacing closed-source corporate media with something nicer! Have a look at the spec below, and see if anything would make you feel good about yourself.

Our project is based on liferay:

Open source tools#

Miro customisation Create a custom version of (chase up the Miro crew to fix the actual version and how to do channel layout)

API Flattr Integrate a Flattr button automatically for every Liferay object

Liferay Portlet development Write portlet which displays a category within the forum like the wiki viewer portlet

Let's torrent everything! Pushing of video content out to torrent files for distributed backup. Making the whole media side of the project work P2P

Miro banner linking Update banner links on bottom of channel pages so they link to the correct part of the CMS

Skype replacement: Big blue button set-up and portlet for liferay: chasing up the liferay developer for this application.

Miro converter project (configuration file page and repackaging) Create a custom install of change the template for conversation.

Tweaking the CMS#

Global scope: To configure to make everything global scope by default across communities

Portal properties for the calendar. Change the list of “all events” list in Calendar

Virtual hosting and short URLs Need to make sure all the URL's are good, look at virtual hosting to solve this. We need to be able to host multiple domains

Open subtitles Java code

Portlet development#

Updating Portlets These overflow portlets need solutions: overflow portlet, Tweet my world portlet, GeoIP Users map.

Newsletter portlet The newsletter portlet 1.0 needs to be upgraded to LR6.6.

RSS IN Partnering up on developing an open source portlet for RSS (work in progress) we need to allows visitors to download the video file of an assert published stream

Media Player portlet Task already half finished, we need someone to finalise it

Announcements portlet Make e-mail the default for announcements portlet by changing the portal properties

Video upload portlet for Blip and Youtube We would like to implement publishing via the blip and youtube API to create a “publish your video” portlet.

Sign up Portlet We need the sign up process to be a bit cleverer - it needs to automatically join the members to the community page they used to sign-up. (there is actually a sign up wizard we can look up)

Bookmark Portlet configuration Change of default text via the language files.

Languages portlet property Modify Liferay language file

Theme configuration Problem of logos on community pages linking to visionOntv homepage. They should link to the logo's URL (it's a problem in particular for virtual hosting)

App Dev#

visionOntv, there is an App for that We're developing an “ethical” citizen journalist application App! The application will assist the citizen reporter on how to film and publish a quality news report while remaining the owner of his content (as opposed to every other corporate applications).

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