We feel that fun events (the social side) are really essential.

+ fosters a lifestyle thing, rather than a project
+ fosters cooperation and affinity, rather than film maker individualism and competitiveness
+ taking the project offline makes everyone's life better!
+ good for recruiting, networking - throwing the net wide
+ breaking the routine
_obvious reasons not (doom to failed)

_There is a contradiction between leaving the activist lifestyle because the outcomes are sacrificed to appearance.

how to work with activists
So give activists restricted access, to only work on a project basis

We should maybe template this in the Citizen Media Handbook
Panels in the book with a story - does not need to be cartoon, could be text).
Storytelling: Mythical story.
Possibly a series of characters, each of them learning a skill and using their skill together to solve a problem in final chapter.
Each character illustrate an aspect of our philosophy. Add the gamification and badges ("I have the skill of wobbly cam" "I'm level 47 on visionOntv" "mic in the shot level") which at the end make them sign up to the website and lifestyle. And donate. And take charge of channel.
+"Product placement" of the badges.
+Cheesy love CJ story idea
(to link to the handbook)

we need to chapterise this whole wiki bible, the brainstorming
+ our equivalent of the 37 degrees book

Should we provide media centres at occasions such as OccupyLSX?

+ Networking / marketing
+ Sustainability
_ meaningless
_ time / work / gear

+ gives a routine / break a routine
+ marketing / street cred
+ team / training building
_ irrelevant
(Needs a dedicated crew)

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