Documents for 9th March

Action list#


We've looked at various accreditation services for our training (NOCN, UKAS, ASCB...). Our courses don't fit their qualification criteria to receive certificates. More importantly the fees for accreditation in each case are too elevated to make this a viable option. We have been pursuing a parallel strategy of partnering with universities. We're now in discussion with lecturers at Roehampton, University of East London and University of West England to get accreditation via them. We are also currently meeting with the NUJ and Amnesty International for training with them

Donation page#

Taking example from the donation pages on wikipedia and Searchlight magazine mentioned during the last board meeting, we created a "donate" page which explains how the visionOntv works and how important the support of the community is to assure the project's future. The page offers simple donations options with secure payment for £10, £50, £100 or more. In addiion, we're promoting the Flattr micropayment solution with a link to our profile page on Flattr. We've also added a wishlist of equipment donations for audio/video gear so that people can give away the equipment they don't need or use anymore.

Donations figures#

Our latest funding mail out brought in a donation of 260 pounds (including £100 by check and £10 via our Paypal account). We have received 113 pounds from donations on courses.

Adsense income#

A table with all the revenue since July 2011 is attached and can be seen on this direct link to the text file

Viewing figures#

This year we have had 277,049 on youtube so far. Last year 435,518 views all year In the month Jan 26 - Feb 25 2012 - our films only:

Metacafe 919 Dailymotion 1823 17,851 youtube 120,409

TOTAL that we can actually count 141,002

We have 1001 films on youtube account and 1293 on blip.

visionOntv itself has produced over 500 films since August 2009, a unique achievement for a video collective. (These are films published to our accounts, by our members or directly under our supervision).

Videos in aggregated channels, for which we have no way of counting the views:

grassroots 2984 globalviews 4871 friendlyfire 3381 plugandplay 2269 headmix 4402

Total: 17901 videos

Open source player#

One of our tech, Julian, is still developing this player which we don't have an urgent need for as long the RSS In is not implemented. We also have added the specs to the Spring of Code so any developer can work on it.

Citizen Media Handbook booklet#

We have written the table of contents and the outline for the book and are now applying for funding. We also have written a new template and working now with an artist to add the cartoons.

Media Trust#

We met with Gavin Sheppard in November. The citizen journalism funding Media Trust got from the Lottery was to meet the "news needs of local communities". They are seeking partnerships with the main media organisations to take feeds of community channels and visionOntv could possibly be one of these partners.

3 potential funding opportunities:

1. They aim to have 300 CJ outlets, of which 75 will be beacon hubs, with a diverse selection of good quality output. So these are "shining examples".

2. Grant-giving: Community Voices funding they are hopiong to bring back in April 2012. Community development grants can be applied for at the beginning of 2012, and he will tell us when.

3. External funds: Go to big funders with MT as a partner. NewsNet aims to develop into a well-respected media community over 3 years.

After follow up we met with Adam Perry in December. He has been doing a UK tour of the main CJ projects, making interviews and blog post (as seen on newsnet). Adam confirmed Media Trust is opening a CJ portal called NewsNet. The plan is to have 25 CJ beacon projects each year for the next three years, featuring communities from different background. The Community Voices mentioned by Gavin is not something he has controlled on and seems for him a separate project. He his definitely interested in working with us but he's still in the process of reporting on his UK tour (tons of footage to edit) and figure out how to build the training project he has for CJ people. He wants to wait for the demand to be clear and target people who directly expressed an interest in getting media skills. Practically he's thinking of doing all the training in the same place: a "media trust" camp where selected people come for training. This training will include every media (text, photo, video) and also organising/managing training. It was too soon for him to be clearer or to say if this will exclude more traditional training where we'd go train directly the CJ people where they are.

Sticker Campaign#

We generated a QR (quick response) code for the visionOntv page and printed it on stickers that we put on our business cards. We tested it successfully during the Mozilla Festival where people used the camera function on their smartphone to visit directly our site just after being handed our cards. We're now using this code at each networking event and plan to add it to each promotional printed material. Here is the link to the QR code: QR code

TV Studio as a paid service#

We've set up a pop-up studio show kit (1 configured laptop+microphone+HD webcam) so our members available in a secure box in London Hackspace so our trained members can freely borrow it for covering event. We haven't yet develop the paid service strategy.


We met with the founder of Flattr during the Mozilla Festival and talk how we could work together. We've organised for Peter Ross, Flattr's "community growth manager" to come give a presentation of their project in Hackspace and we plan to partner with them for the Spring of Code event (read bellow).




Mozilla Festival#

Here is the link of the event. This festival is a yearly event where hundreds of filmmakers, educators, coders, techmedia and developpers presents their projects and brainstorm together. This edition of the festival was around the challenge of using the web for a more creative and collaborative media landscape. visionOntv was media partner and actively present during the 2 days of the event. We set up our interactive studio show right in the middle of the venue and recorded more than 20 interviews. Online our online presence was hard to miss: our embed player displayed on their site showing interviews of the main speakers (Kat cizek, Michelle Baker). The event was also an opportunity to train new members of visionOntv like Glenn McMahon and Patrick Chambers on how to use on specific work method.

Additionally we've organised one week later a follow up meet-up called Post-MozFest event in partnership with Mozilla where participants came to present what they've been working on and meet other members of the HackTheMedia community.


We've organised in London Hackspace a series of presentations and workshop around new media. Goals: it is primarily mostly a way to recruit people to our project through hands-on session. It also allows us to perfect our training, keep up to date with technologies to update our templates our courses.

Spring of Code#

This 3 months event comes out of Occupy and is the opportunity for us to see open media tools being created and to recruit tech people to work on our project. Additionally by hosting them on our server and CMS they're getting familiar with Liferay and will create portlets that we can use in the future.

Human Rights Festival#

Roehampton University organised a Human Right Festival and invited us to organise a workshop. We trained 10 students to shoot a mobile phone report and organise a news report competition. 3 prizes were awarded to the best films and promoted on visionOntv.


The Occupy movement was for us an opportunity to make protesters use our templates and website but also to "train the trainers" (Glenn, Patrick) so they can be independent and reproduce by themselves the training for us. The films produced we're added in the new London Street Report Network and we also set up at the Bank of Ideas a studio show room where we recorded about 30 interviews.

Amnesty International London#

We met during the Rebellious Media Conference the Amnesty London coordinator who saw our coverage and asked if we could do the same for one of their events, the MENA We have now a link on their site and some of our films are promoted on their videos page: Our coverage:

We received tremendous feedback from our video interviews with speakers form Egypt, Bahrain and Libya and have been invited to Amnesty's office to discuss further collaboration, including training and embedded players.


Funding Applications#

In the last 2 months we've actively engaged in funding research and applications for a series of projects and core funding. This also involves a strategy for visionOntv to try to meet directly possible funders during events.

Media Pundits#

Raising the profile of Richard and Hamish as media experts is an important part of our visibility strategy (as proven with the feedback from Hamish's Sky News interview). Our plan: - get invited on panels and talks (Idocumentary, Ravensbourne 2012, Bristol Festival) - produce a 5min weekly video show where we'll address the current media/tech trends and follow up discussion with online community. - Seeds in the tech and media: Networking at "trendy" events like HackHackers, Guardian OpenWeekend, HackTheMedia,... - Event coverage: We multiplying our visibility and coverage by requesting press passes to large events in London (in March and April: Tedx Talk event, London Web Summit and Media Conference at Goldsmiths have already accepted our requests)


Our recent donation page is much clearer and will invite (we hope) donations. Additionally we'll print a special QR code which will directly send the user to our donate page.

New Youtube Strategy#

We've decided to cultivate our Youtube channel as the Adsense money received is proof that the site is a regular source of income. We have a member working on this strategy by engaging with the Youtube community (reply to comments, video responses, growing subscribers...)


We are training trainers and hope that with coming accreditations we can develop training solutions which would bring regular income.

- Citizen Media Handbook booklet - Open source player - TV studio as a paid service: - Sticker campaign - Media trust meeting - Donations table - Viewing figures - Flattr - Accreditation - Sustainability - Projects/actions (reboot, spring of code, Bristol...)


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