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Hi Michael and Alisa

Last year at Documentary Now we presented at a session on citizen journalism. For this edition we have 2 proposals we'd like to submit.

1. A lively presentation: "Who is the documentarist now?"

Who really is the documentarist in an era when the "audience" has been replaced by the "people formerly known as the audience"? Some basic statistics: 48 hours of video are uploaded to youtube every minute, or 8 years of content per day, the vast majority of it original, or "user-generated". (Is not the term "user-generated" a rather patronising way to describe this vast creative outpouring?)

In a world where the distinction between producers and audience can only erode more and more, what is the role for the documentarist? What are the challenges and opportunities? How can traditional media producers become contemporary media producers?

How can the new democracy of film making build opportunities for film to make social change?

1) web 2.0/social media offers the potential for engagement and building action around film (examples). Not just a twitter and facebook account. We need tools for cross-platform peer-to-peer sharing. Too many documentarists see online distribution merely as having a vimeo account with a "like" button.
Geek is the new cool! Documentarists need to become geeks, or at least to make partnerships with them. Documentarist/geek dating agency needed!

2) Citizen journalism - do rapid-turnaround news production as documentary promotion.
visionOntv will demo our new citizen journalism template - the "shoot and go" interview on a mobile phone.


Hamish and Richard.

2. A circle of radical film makers (invited/moderated by visionOntv) Where all London (and wider) based radical film makers/reporters can share and contribute their experiences of filming the "revolutions" (from Arab Spring to UKUncut and Occupy). - Intro circle - Why film the revolutions? - How to film the revolutions? - Which technology are you using now? - How do you distribute? - What do you need?

3. Additionally we could run our pop-up studio show to interview and interact with documentarists and media makers.

We're looking forward to hear from you.


Richard / Hamish / Marc visionOntv

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