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Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 3 - Don't Stand Alone

[Hmmm - need to think about this one - if I take a lot of trouble to make a film I want somewhere permanent I can direct people to to watch it.... this is actually one of the advantages of the internet over the traditional TV - the internet allows your media to have a permanent home (a url), and to be part of a multiplicity of networks]

Don't be a solitary account, lost in the millions on youtube. Network your media....

The ugly word for this is AGGREGATION.

Cross-link to other people's blogs


Don't just treat your media as a single self standing object. Make sure it goes into a flow.

Don't stand alone, be part of a media network, flowing into every nook and cranny. Reach your audience wherever they already are.

Flow of Media #

pre-production production post production

(it's really a cycle, not a flow. It's a process, not something organic)


Media Life #

crating the media distributioning the media promoting the media pushing the promotion of the media contextualising the media archiving the media

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