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Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 13 - Don't Stand Alone

**Don't Stand Alone** #

Network your media

Don't be a solitary account, lost in the millions on youtube. Network your media.

This chapter has more questions than answers. How would we make a new, contemporary media? How can we link up with each other to make ourselves more than the sum of our parts? Right now we aren't even close to being just the sum of our parts

One way of doing this is to be part of an......  The ugly word for this is AGGREGATION.

Cross-link to other people's blogs


Don't just treat your media as a single self-standing object. Make sure it goes into a flow.

Don't stand alone, be part of a media network, flowing into every nook and cranny. Reach your audience wherever they already are.

Flow of Media #

pre-production production post production

(it's really a cycle, not a flow. It's a process, not something organic)


Media Life #

crating the media distributioning the media promoting the media pushing the promotion of the media contextualising the media archiving the media

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