Citizen Media Handbook - Chapter 10 - Questions and Answers

Get some answers #

How to interview #

For both the Walk the Talk and the Edit This! templates we recommend you ask just three questions. Any more is becoming part of  a documentary, and will be long to watch for the interview template, or take too long to edit for the video report.

Who to interview:

People who don't volunteer. are often more interesting than the people who do. Experts can be quite boring. "Spokespeople" can be very cautious in what they say. Reassure the people you find that everything will be fine.


Quickly find out what they have to say and base your questions on that. You should be looking for one interesting, illustrative story.

The right questions

1. Don't ask questions that have a one-word reply.

Don't ask "Did you enjoy the event today?"

Ask "How was the event for you today?"

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