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Intro Contemporary Media

What is it?

The new media producers are all of us: "the people formerly known as the audience"

The almost universal availability of production tools make it possible now for everybody to be not only a user or a viewer, but also a producer.

If anything the contemporary media we're talking about was born by opposition to the "traditional" media, which is dying but keeps fighting for the survival of its model.

What makes media contemporary? It's started where the traditional media has failed, new shoots growing up between the gaps in the broken slabs of the old monoliths.

What's different? - The contemporary media is using different technologies from the traditional media (smartphones, social media...) - It's working in a new timeframe (the immediacy and accessibility of the Internet, but also there forever) - It is free (or should be.....) - It is open to everybody (no school of journalism needed) - Its technology is cheap and everyday - It makes traditional journalism and media increasingly irrelevant, and because of that it is seen as a threat.


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