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What's wrong with the Mainstream#

- This bit should possibly be moved at the beginning of the handbook because it's part of analysing the media landscape and why there should be something else than mainstream media. I propose we move this to chapter 2 - Language is a bit rough and to activisty.

- but leaving it here it's a political statement

(Now we've spent ages telling you how to deal with the mainstream we're going to tell you to start producing your own media). At the end of the day, you need to be aware that however much favourable coverage you get, they still won't tell the whole story - or the bigger picture. As the mainstream is owned and controlled by a handful of very rich and self-centred individuals and corporations they will never put across the whole message - 'the whole system is totally screwed and in order for the human race to survive we need to get rid of global free trade and capitalism and replace it with a sustainable localised economy that treats all living things as equals'.

However, as the owners and advertisers involved in mainstream media are the ones that profit from the system they're not going to shoot themselves in the foot, or it would mean an end to the yachts and multiple homes, as well as the satisfaction of being able to manipulate the running of a country by publishing their own rant mag that is read by several million people a day. So forget ever getting major news stories on why the capitalist system is a bad thing in anything other than the Guardian environment supplement (The Guardian is the only UK daily to be owned by a trust and it's only read by 400,000 or so and they still have ads for all the usual trappings of the consumerist lifestyle).

People like Murdoch (owner of Sky, News International, 20th Century Fox and loads of other media outlets) are able to exert a serious amount of political clout in the UK - one estimate says he pays about 1% tax annually on his global empire and yet he goes unchallenged by the government - probably because he is able to influence the electorate on a large scale through his media (Sun, and formerly News of the World and The Times).

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